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FATEK’s P5 Series HMI provides a high quality, high performance and highly integrated solution2015-04-21
FATEK’s P5 Series HMI provides a high quality, high performance and highly integrated solution.

Shorten development time for complex control system and increase the automation system efficiency.

Founded in 1992, FATEK Automation Corporationhas established a brand “FATEK PLC” which has cornered a large portion of the micro-PLC market by introducing high quality and high performance products. FATEK is always committed to developing products that meet customer needs and are suitable for industrial applications. FATEK deeply believes that these are the prerequisites for the sustainable operations of company. This P5 Series HMI to be available soon are ideal for those who want a product which enables a close integration of an HMI with PLCs.

The brand-new P5 Series HMI lives up to FATEK’s high quality standards. It not only has a slim and modern design, but has also eliminated traditional design barriers. With this product, FATEK HB1 PLC can be mounted at the back of the P5 Series HMI to significantly save on space. In addition, FATEK has conducted stringent quality controls for this product. The industrial high noise immunity of P5 HMI making it suitable for more demanding industrial environments.

Given most of HMI software in the market are provided with complicated interfaces, and not easy to use with long learning curves, FATEK’s HMI software “FvDesigner” was designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use and scalable during the early development stage. It uses an aesthetic menu interface similar to the Microsoft OfficeRibbon for you to create a variety of intuitive and easy-to-use HMIs. In addition, FvDesigner was designed to be integrated with FATEK PLC series for seamless use of our HMIs by FATEK PLC users.

In this globalized and ever-changing era, FATEK strongly believes that the only way to get a foothold in the industry automation market is to offer high quality products to customers. This is the reason why FATEK has remained strong for more than 20 years. FATEK have a superior R&D team which is able to respond to various customers’ needs promptly. FATEK also believe that only on-going technological innovations can help customers to strengthen their competitive position.