Success in SP...
Success in SPS/IPC/Drives Nuremberg 20152015-12-02
Success in SPS/IPC/Drives Nuremberg 2015

FATEK would like to say thank you to our distributors and customers for continuing supports.  We are proud to participate in the 26th SPS/IPC/Drives at Nuremberg industrial automation exhibition.The exhibition was mainly used in industrial automation, electrical, drive, control equipment and professional exhibition. It has become the latest technologies and development trends of professional platform in current global system.  The exhibition themes contained drives and drive technology, industrial computer, control systems, industrial robots, Assembly technology and ...etc.
In this year, FATEK displayed all kinds of products at the exhibition, they were FBs Series PLC, B1/B1z/HB1 Series PLC, P5 Series HMI, and ADP Series Power Supply. The questions asked by the customers during the exhibition, our sales will reply you as soon as possible. We will constantly of diligence to reach your needs.FATEK believe we can provide diverse high-quality products in the future because we are not just a provider of industrial automation solutions, but also an automation expert under customer trust.