High-speed counter
A FBs-PLC can have up to 8 sets of 32bits high-speed counter. Among which, 4 sets are hardware high-speed counter (HHSC) whose counting frequency can reach 120KHz (MC)or 920KHz (MN) and can operate with 8 counting modes. The other 4 sets are software high-speed counter (SHSC) whose total input frequency can reach 10KHz and can operate with three counting modes. The high-speed counters can be used in the applications required high-speed processing and precision control.
The five communication ports in FBs-PLC can simultaneously connect to various intelligent peripherals with available interfaces such as USB, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet. Besides adopting FATEK standard communication protocol or Modbus protocol, or conducting c ommunication through the FATEK communication server, the user also can use CLINK commands to defi ne the dedicated protocol to actively or passively establish the connection with any intelligent peripherals.